Dr. Lloyd Turner, Glendale Dentist

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Background and Credentials

Lloyd Turner is a graduate of US Dental School, 1974, with honors. From 1975-1991 he provided general dentistry within CIGNA dental, becoming their Associate Dental Director in the 1980's, and continued as a quality care consultant until 1994. In 1991 he started a private practice in Glendale which recently moved to its new location. He is a Life Member of the American Dental Association, CDA and local component societies. He maintains an active continuing education schedule in the field of general dentistry, along with the network of specialists he works with.

A Sincere Passion for Dentistry

Our patents commonly refer their family and friends because we listened to their concerns, explained various options and felt they were assisted by a friendly, caring Doctor and staff. We welcome new patients confident of our broad experience and training in all phases of general dentistry.