Dental Veneers in Glendale

Veneers deserve a special discussion as a service that we can provide. They are primariy used to effect cosmetic changes to the front teeth, including color and shape alterations. They are made out of a number of matierials, but often thin porcelain coverings are chosen and are bonded to existing teeth. The discussion and final choice is relatively nuanced. There are brand names that are heavily marketed, but the best results come from careful planning, and attention to all elements of the treatment. Sometimes the desired esthetic changes can even be made without or only minimal modifiction of existing teeth, for which patients are happy for many reasons. We choose dental laboratories that share our passion for lasting beauty.

It is possible to preplan the exact changes that are hoped for, and visualize them before treatment begins. This is time well spent. An evaluation of the bite (occlusion) and any prarafunctional habits is important to insure long term resistance to veneer fracture. Insurance coverage for these procedures may be minimum, however the results can be dramatic, and the long lasting and pleasing results, make them worth the trouble.