Pedicatric Dentistry in Glendale

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Children are Special

We are a family practice that is now treating the grandchildren of some of our first patients. We believe that children who receive appropriate dental treatment in a supportive environment are empowered towards a life time of good dental health. Providing this experience is a commitment of all members of the staff.

We love to see children smile, and we pride ourselves in making all of our younger patients feel comfortable. Our younger patients feel comfortable by creating an enviorment that is friendly, caring and fun, allowing for positive dental experience.

We believe monitoring a child's developing dentition provides an exceptional opportunity to reduce the need for or improve the outcome of future orthodontic treatment. These evaluations are part of every preventative visit. Children's preventative visits also allow the dental healthcare team to help establish patterns of personal healthcare that can last a life time. Frequently recommended preventative services include: fluoride treatments, sealants and oral hygiene instructions.. Preserving primary teeth until they are naturally lost , along with other supportive care, can greatly improve the child’s comfort and confidence, and perhaps eliminate the need for Orthodontic care.

We're Here to Help You

If you have any questions regarding the family dental services we provide, please call our office at 818-246-5611 and we will be happy to assist you.