Retainers and Mouth Guards in Glendale

We provide these cost effective oral appliances to maintain and protect you smile.

Nothing stays the same. Everything can chip, peal, break or simply wear out. We are especially aware of this when it comes to teeth. It is commonly known that people can experience destructive habits that are neurallogically determinedand and not be aware of them. Examples are chenching and bruxism. We have the experience to help you.


Patients that have had orthodontic treatment usually are offered retainers when the treatment is completed because teeth can move and perfect smiles can change. Sometime retainers are lost or broken. We can help. However, teeth that have not been aligned can also drift for a number of reasons. During routine examinations we check for these changes that can occur and provide retainers that can stop the movement from continuing. They are comfortable and easy to maintain. Often, they resemble clear aligners, however several options are available. We can help you choose the best design for you.

Mouth Guards

Mouth guards are commonly thought of as devices to prevent injury during sports activities. These are especially appropriate after the final erruption of teeth, and expensive cosmetic procedures. They can protect your teeth and your investment. They are easily worn and maintained. When our free time activities involve contact sports, these protective devices are especially appropriate.

Night Guards

Bruxism and clenching are habits that patients cannot controll completely and are most destructive during sleep. The destructive effects of these habits can be so extreme as to cause unwanted cosmetic changes and even nerve damage. Other effects can be premature wear and breaking of dental retorations, muscle pain, joint pain, and increased tooth mobility. Night guards are hard acrylic appliances that are comfortable and cover the teeth at night and limit these problems. We can evaluate your need and fit one for you.

Anti Clenching Devices

Clenching is a distructive night time activity that we can help patients control. Several different devices can be utalized to minimize clenching forces. We can help you choose the one that is appropriate for your situation. A relatively common additional benefit that can occur is the minimizing of headaches that are referred from irritated muscles, fatigued by excessive activity. These are custom appliances that are well tolerated and do not interfere with sleep.