Tooth Replacement in Glendale

There are times when tooth replacements are necessary because of existing cosmetic or functional limitations. We are able to treat this condition with implants, bridges or removable tooth substitutes. Before treatment begins, you will have a complete understanding of the risks and benefits of each, as well as anticipated prognosis and cost.

Removable Appliances

When multiple teeth need to be repaced removable dental restorations are the best choice.

Temporary Appliances

When immediate repacement of missing teeth is needed, temporary, cost effective replacements can be quickly made. These are especially helpful after acidents, or while healing is taking place after implant placement. Because they are made out of plastic, adjustments can be made and additional teeth can be easlily added should the need arise.

Flexible Appliances

Flexible appliances are a good option for replacement of teeth where esthetics are a primary concern, The are no metal clasps, ane the appliance is held in place by gum colored clasps.

Cast Metal Frame Appliances

This particular Partial denture offers substantial benefit when replacing multiple teeth and there is the anticipation of long term use. When proper tooth support is available, the function is very solid and mimicks fixed appliances.

Full Dentures

Full dentures are tooth replacements for all the teeth in one dental arch. The function and retention is variable from person to person. A major factor determining retention is the quality of the bone ridge which supports the denture. Fortunately for patients who have had trouble with their dentures and are looking for something better, implants offer some hope. Mini implants can be used in places where there is not enough bone to place conventional implants. They offer a substantial cost savings as complare to conventional implants.